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A powerful action based system, a motivated community, and dozens of supportive video courses, all to awaken the highest possibilities within you.

the problems

What You're facing

  • You're feeling overwhelmed & scattered lately

  • You're feeling stuck in your current situation

  • You're stressed, craving focus, control & calm

  • You're wanting to make changes, not knowing where to start

  • You're feeling discouraged, wanting to give up on goals

  • You're suffering from self-criticism, avoidance, lack of self-trust

What's Possible

Imagine if you could

Build Lasting Habits

  • Achieve your fitness goals

  • Create a healthy lifestyle

  • Start meditating daily

  • Create a beautiful morning routine

  • Cultivate deep focus

Deal with Uncertainty and Fear

  • Walk towards your fears

  • Calm your overwhelm

  • Face your resistance to difficult tasks

  • Handle stressful situations with more ease

  • Be at peace with whatever life throws your way

Drive Meaningful Change

  • Discover and pursue your purpose with unwavering determination

  • Build that business, change your career, or find the courage to pursue something you've always dreamed about — like moving to another country or writing a book

  • Or pursue a life of serving others with meaning and purpose

start here

Introducing Fearless Living Academy

An action-based program that will have you moving with momentum towards what you want to create for yourself.A supportive community and courses that will help you confront fears, embrace challenges, and craft a life of purpose and fulfillment tailored to your unique aspirations and desires.

This one small step forward — committing to FLA — will be the start of a series of small, doable steps that will lead to lasting, transformative change.

Your teacher

Leo Babauta

Leo is the creator of Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog with over a million readers, and the Zen Habits Podcast.He's spent the last 17 years working with thousands of people to change their lives, in small groups, 1-on-1 coaching, and live and online retreats.A best-selling author of the Power of Less, expert on habits, minimalism, mindfulness and simplicity, and a transformational coach.

Leo's Story
Leo started his transformation in 2005, after being stuck in his life — a smoker, overweight, sedentary, deeply in debt, a procrastinator, and much more.
He began with one change (quitting smoking), and completely committed to it. He learned several important things from that change that led to dozens of other changes. Soon he not only quit smoking, but started running (eventually running marathons and an ultramarathon), ate healthier (eventually became vegan), got out of debt, lost a lot of weight, started waking early and learning to focus, wrote a blog and numerous books, started meditating and became a Zen student, and much much more.Now Leo helps millions through his teachings and talks, and his coaching and training programs.

The Benefits

Why we think this program is for you

Leo leverages years of experience from his own personal transformation, together with learnings from training thousands of people to change their lives and create purpose ... to create the Fearless Living Academy to offer a guided journey of concise, focused lessons and action-based challenges.Our program is structured into three main pillars — Habits, Purpose, Impact — providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to unlocking your dream life.From mastering foundational habits and discovering your purpose to translating it into meaningful action, this structured approach encompasses all you need to find, plan, and achieve your vision of a fulfilling life.

The Goods

What's Inside

The Practice & the Community

At the core of Fearless Living Academy are two transformative elements:

  • The Practice: This action based system, created by Leo, will be the cornerstone of your transformation. It consists of daily devotional practices, to start to change your life, in small doable ways.

  • The Community: Join a small team each month to inspire you, hold you accountable for The Practice, and share the journey with you. And share with the larger FLA community to be a part of something bigger, and inspire and learn from others.

That said, we have tons of valuable content as well ...

Foundation: Fearless Habits

  • Module 1: Habit Fundamentals

  • Module 2: Key Habit Skills

  • Module 3: Get Active & Fit

  • Module 4: Beautiful Mornings

  • Module 5: Daily Meditation

  • Module 6: Healthy Eating

  • Module 7: Declutter

  • Module 8: Undone

  • Module 9: Self-Compassion

  • Module 10: Create Daily

  • Module 11: Awesome Finances

  • Module 12: Long-term Habits

Deepen: Fearless Purpose

  • Module 1: Intro to Fearless Purpose

  • Module 2: Open to Something Meaningful

  • Module 3: The Power of Purpose

  • Module 4: Explore Possibilities

  • Module 5: Build Something & Talk to Users

  • Module 6: Create Through Doing & Getting Feedback

  • Module 7: What Gets in the Way

Broaden: Fearless Impact

  • Module 1: Going from Purpose to Impact

  • Module 2: Commitment, Structure & Accountability

  • Module 3: Creating Breakthroughs

  • Module 4: Developing the Leadership of Others

  • Module 5: Possibility & Limiting Beliefs

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  • Fearless Habits coures (x14)

  • Fearless Purpose courses (x8)

  • Fearless Impact courses (x8)

  • Community for sharing & support

  • Monthly challenges & teams

  • Monthly live video expert trainings

  • Weekly focus sessions (x5)

  • Bonus: The Practice transformational training

  • Bonus: Mindful Focus course



  • Fearless Habits coures (x14)

  • Fearless Purpose courses (x8)

  • Fearless Impact courses (x8)

  • Community for sharing & support

  • Monthly challenges & teams

  • Monthly live video expert trainings

  • Weekly focus sessions (x5)

  • Bonus: The Practice transformational training

  • Bonus: Mindful Focus course

  • 3 months for free

It's risk-free

  • A 30-day money-back policy

  • Easy refund

  • Cancel easily anytime


In Their Words


What Our Members Say

"It's also an approach that shifts mindset towards life in general, towards being open and curious instead of rigid, judgmental, and critical.Leo is all about leaning into what we tend to avoid, so we're not constricted by fear, doubt, or shame and can dive more fully into what we're most passionate about."

Joshua Goldberg

"I have become more confident, have found more courage to show up just as I am.Leo is someone who helps people see through things, find the core and that piece that is important to you by sharing his own story and being an example, talking about the dilemmas on the way. It gently sinks into you and surprises you next time when you need to show up, doing this differently in a natural way."

Jutta Jerlich

"I have found my own being, my own power. I have become mindful of how I approach anything in life.The inner voice in my head is compassionate and filled with empathy (for self) and for others. I am so grateful to Leo Babuta for all that he does. Thank you. Your impact reaches far!"

Aisha Memon

"My first exposures to Zen Habits were a starting point for my own explorations.As a kid, there were no models for me about living a compassionate, authentic life. (Heck, there still aren't really very many!) But, Zen Habits really started me down a path toward having something I think I always wanted. Seeing someone living their life in a way that I admired made me begin to formulate a more clear understanding of what my life really could be like."

Rob Croll

We've Got Answers


Is this one of those programs that will take months to get through before kinda / maybe / sort of seeing a result?

This program is designed to meet you where you are and get you into action, from the start, on the “next best step” towards building better habits, deepening your purpose, and creating more impact.Join now and dive right into our 7-day Success Challenge, a course we've created specifically to support you making the most of Fearless Living. This course will help you set yourself up for success, identify where to start on the path, and how to begin taking immediate action.There will also be a Community Supporter there to help guide you with any questions you have.

Can’t I just hire you or someone else as a personal coach? Is this something you offer?

Yes. However ... private coaching isn’t something that’s in reach for everybody, and even if it is — we only have limited openings throughout the year.We've designed Fearless Living Academy to be accessible to as many people as possible, but also effective and can deliver results.So commit to fearless living today.

How will this training content get me the results I’m looking for?

Fearless Living Academy was designed for one purpose… to introduce as many people as possible to The Path of Fearless Living, and more importantly, offer a springboard into action through encouraging our members to commit to personal practice.We’ve intentionally created this program to be accessible, and you can study independently.We start you with a simple assessment, to see which stage of the Fearless Path is right for you. Are you at the foundational stage, creating Fearless Habits? Or do you have a fairly solid foundation, and want to deepen into Fearless Purpose? If you have some clarity on purpose, then you're ready for action and creating Fearless Impact.Wherever you decide to enter this path, know that you can explore all of it whenever you're ready. We just recommend picking one focus at a time, to make your training more effective. Once you've chosen a focus, there will be training challenges to take on — with video courses that will help you create the change you want. And we believe there are immediate wins available to you just by getting the process started.

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